Business Setup

Start your business journey with Maqased's expert guidance on every step of company formation. We simplify the complexities of business registration, ensuring a smooth setup process.

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Visa Services

Maqased streamlines your visa application process, offering tailored support for business, work, or residency visas. Our team ensures a hassle-free experience, managing all paperwork and procedures.

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Golden Visa Services

Navigate the Golden Visa process with ease. Tailored for investors and exceptional talents, we offer detailed guidance and support, making long-term residency attainable with Maqased.

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Translation Services

Overcome language barriers with Maqased's accurate translation services. Our translators deliver culturally relevant translations across various languages, ensuring clear communication.

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Notary Services

Ensure your documents are legally recognized with our comprehensive Notary Services. Our certified professionals provide swift authentication for all types of documents.

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Attestation Services

Authenticate your documents with ease using Maqased's attestation services. We handle the attestation process for personal, educational, and commercial documents, ensuring their international validity.

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PRO Services

Maqased's PRO services offer streamlined support for government paperwork, visa applications, and company documentation, freeing you to concentrate on your business's growth.

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Visit Visa Services

Get expert assistance for your visit visa services, whether for business meetings or leisure. We handle every step, ensuring a smooth process from application to obtaining your visa. Get started with Maqased.

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Family Visa Services

Our Family Visa Services offer a detailed, supportive approach to reuniting families. We manage the entire application process, ensuring all criteria are met for a hassle-free reunion.

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